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Mint Media’s array of products and services are designed to give you an edge in today’s competitive market and overcrowded media arena.
Give your potential clients a glimpse into the character, culture and personality of your brand. Video is a most effective means of connecting people to your company, product or service at the personal and emotional level.
Tutorials are an effective way to teach your client’s how to use your product. From complex devices to simple gadgets, a professionally produced step-by-step tutorial can guide even the most clueless of your clients, often better than any service rep. Tutorials can go a long way in reducing the heavy cost of maintaining a service rep team.
Introduce your product to the market with an effective and compelling promo. Harness the power of video to quickly boost your sales and build a loyal client base for your product or service.
The credibility of others attesting to the virtues of your product, service or cause is a most powerful way to make your case to new prospects. We’ll travel anywhere to capture your fans raving about your brand and then convey that passion to your target audience.
Sales Videos
Whether it’s B2B or B2C marketing, short soundbite clips can serve as virtual salesmen for your product or service, getting past the front-desk gatekeeper and talking directly to the decision maker.
Video Virtual Tours
If you can’t bring people to your facility, bring your facility to the people. With the effective mastering of voice narration, interviewing and high-end footage, we give your viewers a real feel of your nursing home, hotel, factory or warehouse, getting to meet the people and view the facilities from the comfort of wherever they might be.
Recruitment Videos
Recruiter videos have become a popular tool for engaging and drawing top talent to your company. Let us showcase your company’s strength, culture and superb work environment to potential employees with a winning recruiter clip.