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We understand the need to spread your message to the largest audience possible, and we know just how to do it. No matter what type of video you need, Mint Media will help you stand out in the most unique and innovative way possible.
Pre-campaign trailers and promos are all the rage today, building excitement, momentum and anticipation for your campaign, brand launch, grand opening or upcoming event. Designed for easy sharing via web, social media or other platforms, Mint Media’s trailers have become a staple of today’s video-driven fundraising arena.
You’ve got the crowd. Now turn them on. Let them come away from your event inspired, excited and motivated to do even more. Mint Media’s event videos capture the heart and soul of what you do and deliver it in the most magnificent way.
Keep your event exciting, absorbing, and on-program with pre-recorded honoree and feature videos. Mint Media’s record number of satisfied organizations, chairmen, honorees and attendees are a testament to the critical importance of this media for any event.
Short video clips are critical to maintaining the momentum of any crowdfunding campaign. Give your team member the tools they need to play hard for you with an exciting series of viral-worthy soundbite clips.
One of the most effective ways to tell your organization’s story is through a professionally casted production. Our team of professional script writers, actors and cinematographers will portray the essence of your organization’s mission.
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Pull back the curtains and give donors a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into the inner workings and the people inside your organization, allowing them to connect with your mission at the personal and emotional level.
There’s nothing like the power and credibility of an outsider, beneficiary, or observer telling your story for you. We specialize in the ability to deliver the goods, from developing your talking points and interviewee list to scheduling and executing the video shoots, and most importantly, getting your people to really talk.
Post-event highlight videos are a perfect way to recapture the energy and maintain the momentum of your event. Video is a powerful medium to bring on board donors or potential clients who missed your big event. Our team professionally captures the highpoints of your campaign creating a powerful clip that compels and engages.
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Mint Media is the place to go for all your multimedia needs. No other company can match our dedication, innovation or reliability. It’s as simple as that.